Smart Big Data Services

Media Smart Big Data Services allow us to quickly work with clients to deliver built-for-scale big data analytic platforms whether in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid approach.

Our Big Data specializes team and partners structured and unstructured services which enable us to have confidence in our delivery, and allow you to understand exactly what your investment will be. In addition, we specialize in linking all of our services together to continuously innovate develop, deploy, manage and optimize new big data solutions with cost effective.

Data Collection

Data collected through group processes and streaming. Raw data formats are collected either as:
• Structured
• Semi-structured
• Unstructured

Analytics Design

The design of the analytical system proposed by the company allows data to be collected from various sources, among which are:
• Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle and so on)
• Protocols (FTP, HTTP, API, Excel Connector)

Media Smart Resources solution end-to-end big data consulting portfolio includes:

Data Science

Architecture and Roadmap

Data Lake

Training & Transfer of Technology

Managed Services


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